Terms of Participation & Liability Waiver

Terms of Participation & Liability Waiver

1. Validity

The application area of the following terms is related to the Rügenbrücken-Marathon with its field events of marathon, half marathon, 12 km and 6 km run, 6 km nordic walking / walking and 2 km kid’s marathon, which is organized by the Sportbund Hansestadt Stralsund e.V. .

2. Terms of participation

Anybody is eligible to compete, who fulfils the age requirements as set in the respective invitation. Pre-condition for participation is the possession of an official race number, which are allocated in order of the incoming written registrations (the appropriate registration form can be obtained as pdf-document on the homepage, as registration coupon on the flyer given by the promoter, or through online registration with the corresponding web form on the internet). A confirmation of the registration can only be given by declaration of the e-mail address. Registrations via telephone will not be accepted.

The payment of the participation fee has to be carried out by the participant by bank transfer on the stated bank account by the organizer. Registrations without a receipt of payment can not be considered. In case of not reaching the participation limit early, in person registrations by cash payment can be made on the previous day of the event.

The right of participation and the race number is non-transferable to other persons. A registered participant who does not enter the race, regardless of whether or not he declares his withdrawal to the promoter in advance of the race, may not claim refund of the participation fee.

The participant allows the organizer to release his/her surname, first name, gender, age, club, country and results within the starting and finisher lists of the event.

3. Liability waiver

The organizer reserves the right to change the scheduled programme or to cancel the event due to Acts of God, for safety considerations, or if required to do so by official orders. In such cases, the promoter is not liable to compensate participants for any losses incurred.

The promoter is not liable for property or personal damages that are not at least caused by gross negligence, as well as health risks of the participant in connection to the participation in the race. It is the obligation of the participant to check his state of health prior to the race and to start only if the own fitness permits it. The participant confirms with the pickup of the race documents that he is in good health to participate the race without risks.